Sings of the Times Are Everywhere.

A series of big earthquakes in less than 24 hours has puzzled laymen and scientists alike. A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit New Zealand on Wednesday 20 September 2017, followed by others off the coasts of Japan (6.1), Vanuatu (6.4), and Indonesia (5.7) early Thursday morning. All were along the ‘Ring of Fire’ that stretches around the Pacific from New Zealand to Chile through Indonesia, Japan, and California, in which 90 per cent of quakes happen. There was also a big earthquake in Mexico that killed more than 230 people. Seismologists admitted the cluster of quakes, along with others near Tonga (5.0), Taiwan (5.3), and Papua New Guinea (5.2), on the same day was ‘unusual’. ‘It is unusual, there’s no doubt about that, it’s been really busy,’ University of Melbourne’s Gary Gibson told Daily Mail Australia. Where are we saints?

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