Prayer Request – Hurricane Season – Update

It is hurricane season in the Caribbean and America. We have been praying for our brethren that God spare them damage and the catastrophic effects of these natural weather patterns. We could not hide our joy when we learnt that Hurricane Harvey had spared our brethren in the Unite States. Now Hurricane Irma has also come and gone and we heard a wonderful testimony from brother Timothy Dayal saying, “Our brothers in the Caribbean are largely safe and in one particular instance one house had its front porch blown off by the storm, carried over the next house and dropped into the other yard. The house in-between belonged to fellow believers.” We believe it was God undertaking for His children. A hurricane or tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm that covers a wide area with strong winds and thunderstorms which produces heavy rain. The strong winds destroy homes and standing object, while the heavy rain can cause flooding, mudslides and other damage. Zimbabwe does not experience this kind of storm.

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