Blessing Manyeche

Brother Manyeche is pastoring the Eastlea Tabernacle. He is married to sister Eunice and God has blessed them with three children.
His christian pilgrimage began in 1988 when a school mate testified to him in the first year of secondary school. What captivated him were the words of the Angel to the prophet: “do not drink, smoke or defile your body in anyway for there is a work for you to do when you get older.” Interestingly, he recalled his primary school grade 4 teacher saying the same words while expounding on a point in class. After school, he relocated to Harare and again the friend who testified to him recommended that he attend church and fellowship at Eastlea Tabernacle.
In 2010 he was elected and ordained deacon; a position he held until 2 June 2019 when he was elected pastor after the founding pastor, brother HB Chesa, went on to be with the Lord.


Nyararai Makwinye (Head Deacon)

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Solomon Phiri

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Elias Berejena
(Chairman & Treasurer)

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