Camp Rules

Camp Rules


  • Everyone is expected to conduct themselves as becometh a son or daughter of God
  • All participants are required to attend & participate in all camp activities
  • A night curfew ‘lights out’ will be enforced. Chaperones lock all dorms
  • The girls dorms and rooms are off-limits to the boys at all times and vice versa
  • Every person is required to conform to the camp schedule and will not be permitted to leave the camp without permission
  • Automobiles are unnecessary during the camp period. They will be considered “parked”
  • Boys and girls may not hug or hold hands



  • All participants will be required to wear clothing that becomes a Christian. If you have doubts about the suitability of an item of clothing, please don’t bring it.


Specifically the following are prohibited

  • Clothing that is too tight or suggestive
  • Skirts that have slits
  • Skirts that are above the knees
  • Shorts
  • Transparent tops
  • Tank tops or sleeveless undershirts worn as shirts


Rules so obvious That They Should Not Have To Be Mentioned!


  • The use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind is strictly prohibited
  • Damages to property and the property of others is the responsibility of the youth doing the damage
  • Dorms are under the supervision of the chaperones. Sleep and rest are necessary for sound, healthy bodies. We cannot permit a noisy few to keep others awake
  • Host pastor reserves the right to dismiss from camp anyone who does not obey these regulations or direct instructions from chaperones. If a camper is dismissed from camp there will be no refund
  • A detailed report of behavior is given to respective pastors for discipline

Simply put, we expect those attending the camp to conduct themselves as Christians, in their clothing, language and attitude.


Handy information


  • A sanatorium will be open for any eventual illness. A group of medical personnel will be in attendance






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