Friday 19th of April 2019.

12:30:00 … All the Eagles are now gathered for at Watershed ready and geared up for a good time.

13:30:00 …Time for gastronomical jubilee and we have been blessed.

14:30:12 … The Eagles are going for various activities now.

16:26:38 … Assembly at the chapel.

16:42:45 … Brother Kudzi Tutani leading and placing people into groups which are color coded. The name tags have a colour which is denoting the group. Each group is being led by a chaperone. There are 12 groups in total.

17:02:24 … Time for group assignments.

  1. Each group is to come up with a name. Each member of the group is supposed to tell the meaning of the name and how it came to being at any given moment.
  2. making a flag which symbolizes the group.

18:15:56 … Supper.

19:15:25 … Quiet time.

19:50:51 … Song service being led by Bro Kudzi Tutani.

20:00:05 … Bro Ngoni takes over in the leading of songs.

20:30:26 … House keeping issues by Bro Lionel Saunyama.

20:41:12 … Pastor N Ngwenya takes the service and reads from Luke 22:31-32. He makes an emphasis on the importance of the holy ghost in the life of every believer and how it helps one to overcome all the bad habits that the youth often find themselves in. He makes an interesting statement…

Dead people will always focus on dead things.

22:26:30 … Snacks are served and its good night.

Saturday 20th of April 2019

05:15:52 … Morning Devotions

05:36:02 … Preparations for the day.

07:50:33 … Good breakfast.

08:34:43 … Assembly at the chapel. Entry into the chapel is by the coordinated groups being led by the flag bearer. All the Eagles are sitting in their respective groups.

08:46:08 … Groups presenting their assingments which were given yesterday.

09:25:59 … Going to the grounds for group activities where points are going to be awarded. The winning group will be announced at the end of the camp and a prize is going to be won.

The Eagles sitting on the terraces waiting for the activities to begin.

09:54:32 … The action begins…

13:16:54 … Gastronomical jubilee.

14:30:23 … Back at the chapel for the afternoon session.

15:00:05 … Quiet time.

16:21:32 … Group assignment time. Each group is supposed to come up with a short play from the bible or spoken word. Each play is supposed to be at least 5 minutes long and not more than 10 minutes.

18:00:09 … Rehearsals for the plays are over its time for supper.

19:30:45 … Campfire time.

Gathered around the fire…

20:16:56 … Joyous singing is filling the place.

21:10:23 … Campfrire dismissed its been a great time to praise and worship the Lord.

Brothers fellowship after the campfire.

21:20:34 … Snacks… have a good night be blessed.

Sunday 21st of April 2019

06:38:54 … Morning devotions.

07:10:44 … Preparations for breakfast.

07:40:15 … A very good breakfast.

08:45:43 … Quiet time at the chapel waiting for the service to begin.

09:15:31 … Song service.

09:28:03 … Specials songs. Botswana team giving us a wonderful piece.

09:40:29 … Specials continue.

10:10:01 … Great exaltation by Bro Kudzi Tutani. Its always a blessing when this brother speaks.

Bro S.K Tutani making an illustration.

12:50:56 … We had a wonderful tape service listerning to the Prophet of the hour. The tape was The Token 64-0208. The hand of the Lord was seen moving it was surely spiritual food in due season.

13:00:00 … Gastronomical jubilee.

14:10:07 … Play rehearsals.

15:05:54 … Plays begin.

Team: The Ark and their emblem

16:15:32 … There is so much word in the young Eagles. Its great how much is being played out in less than 10 minutes. And there is so much to learn.

17:56:33 the plays are now over. Time for some joyous singing.

18:11:32 … Testimony.

A sister failed to stand at the grounds where others were participating. She felt a great deal of pain on her back and she went to sleep after supper. She could barely walk. The Eagles prayed for her at the campfire and today during the tape service the Prophet talked about a backache and her issue was addressed. We thank God for the intervention. To show that she is well she’s telling everyone to check the step…

18:22:23 Pastor N Ngwenya is now talking about Choices of Life.

Life is all about choice. Choices make you and they determine your future. Some people because of their choices a great portion of hell is waiting for them.

Pastor N Ngwenya.

20:00:00 … Time for the feast. The banquet is here.

21:22:12 …Truly it has been a gastronomical jubilee. This was a good time and a blessing.

22:23:34 … Heading back to the chapel for the awards ceremony.

22:30:21 … The last and final contest of the camp will be solving a crossword puzzle. Each team has 20 minutes to fill up the crossword puzzle.

22:54:11 … The adjudicators are making their final judgements. Singing starts as we wait for the announcement of the results.

23:05:57 … The results are as follows.

12. Supernova

11. The Victors

10. The Benjamites

09. Velestial

07. Mighty Gentile Warriors

07. The Ark

06. Macphella

04. Geronimo

04. Pillar of Fire

03. En Morphe

02. Bride’s Vision

01. Brook Cherith

Brook Cherith walks away with the price. Each one of them has been given The Voice of God Still waters Camp jersey.

23:13:03 …Celebration Time.

23:18:34 … Dismissal and closing remarks for the camp. Brothers and sisters sing Till we meet again.

23:30:12 … Good Night.

Monday 22nd of April 2019

05:10:43 … Morning Devotions

05:37:19 … Preparations for breakfast and departure.

07:35:32 … Breakfast.

09:00:05 … Departure.


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