The Prophet

In Malachi 4:4-6 and Revelation 10:7, the scripture makes a bold promise of a prophet messenger who will come in the last days to reveal all truths. It promises a man of like passion to Elijah the Tishibite (a man renowned for his boldness against the order of his day and who commanded nature that rain would not fall until but at his bidding). Over the years scholars and theologians have presumed on who this man should be.

But in 1909, a man was born in Kentucky, USA. His very birth was accompanied by the supernatural. His mother and midwife saw a light come through the shutters of their log cabin and many of the country folk where he was born wondered what kind of a child this would be. As he grew up he started to see visions and this made an impression on his mother although she was not religious at all. It was not long in his adulthood that he realized that God had a plan for his life.

He started his ministry in the Baptist Church where his revelation of the Word of God puzzled his elders and fellow congregants. God started using him in a mighty way of healing that nothing could stand in his way not even cancer or death. This was to become the first stage of his ministry, the second being the ability to know the thoughts and intents of the heart and prophesying. Finally God helped him bring the true revelation of the Word and speak things into existence. In the first and second stage of his ministry it was apparent that no man since Christ walked the earth had such manifestation of the gift of God in healing and raising the dead. In his own admission, God was more successful in his ministry than when He walked the streets of Jerusalem. In the third and final stage of his ministry he fully embodied the promise of Revelation 10:7 where all the mysteries of God were revealed. Through his ministry we learnt more about what was before ‘the beginning’ and before God was God. Present day event were made clear by prophecy and we got to know more about what the future holds. The Books of Genesis, Daniel, Ephesians and Revelation were made plain before us without any contradiction. We got to know that it was not a fruit in the garden of Eden that brought sin, Cain was not Adam’s son but the serpent’s, the true baptism is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, God is against organized religion, the 7 Church Ages of Revelation 2-3 are gentile dispensations after Christ,  the 7 Seals of Revelation 6 are prophesies of events and the manifestation of the wicked one until the coming of the Lord. We witnessed that a man cab be so filled with the Holy Ghost that when he opens his mouth to speak it is like Deity speaking. We learnt of the 3 curtains: the iron curtain , the bamboo curtain and the deadly purple curtains which at it’s head sit the 666 of Revelation 13.

As a prophet, he foretold the future with great detail and accuracy. Besides the numerous visions he saw regarding individuals, in 1933 God showed him major visions that timeline the end.
1. Mussolin would invade Ethiopia
2. Adolf Hitler would draw the world to war and die a mysterious death
3. Communism would rise and swallow Facism and Nazism
4. Great scientific advances including a driverless car
5. Continued moral decay
6. The rise of a ‘beautiful woman’ ( possibly the Catholic Church)
7. The total destruction of America

William Branham travelled around the world about seven time proclaiming that the end was nigh and men had to turn back to God. In Zimbabwe we were blessed to host him and his party in the last quarter of 1951.

In 1965 God took his man from the earth but His ministry and life had a profound impact on the lives of men. Earlier on God had told him to start “storing up food”. Thus, his sermons were carefully recorded on magnetic tape and today we can still listen to more than 1100 sermons that he preached since 1947 this on its own fulfilling yet another prophecy “But in the days of the Voice of the seventh angel” (Revelation 10:7)

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