Present Comfort

7 And if there is no Divine healing now, there is no resurrection of the body. Divine healing is the earnest of our redeemed body. Did you ever think of that? If there’s no Divine healing, then when you go at the grave, that’s all of it. You’ll be there forever, and your dust will go away, and there’ll be no more of you. See? If there… We have the earnest of our salvation, and completeness, back the way we was in the garden of Eden.

And I think that the power of God that would take a cancer-ridden woman here, that the doctor’s has just given a few days, and she’s one of the thousands that’s on records, not just the man, the person’s testimony, but the doctors testimony, one of the thousands. And her eaten up (with a few hours to live), by cancer, and by the earnest of her redeemed body will put her in the condition it is now, what will it be when she draws the full value off of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? That’s just the down… You know what the down… the earnest is? The earnest is the down payment on anything that holds it, a surety, secures it. Now, she’s just got the earnest of it by being healed with a—a hideous cancer, that would’ve taken her life, and here she is setting well and normal.

51-0718 The Angel Of The Lord

Rev William Marrion Branham    

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