Founding Pastor

On Monday the 29th of January 2018, God saw it fit to take his servant home. Up until then, the Pastor’s burden in his God-ordained ministry was the continuation of the Book of Acts as instructed by the Lord Jesus Christ in Mark 16. He desired to see the Body of Christ in its original stature of faith and manifestations thereof and holiness as in the   apostolic days. He was at pains to reach out to everyone in the remote parts of the country. At his date of sleeping he had missionaries from his congregation preaching in more than 50 different places in Zimbabwe. Through an army of ordained ministers, evangelists and   upright young men whom he sends all over the country to preach the Gospel,   Pastor Chesa desired to see Message of the Hour preached and lived by Brother William Marrion Branham become a reality in our day and restore the original faith and its sincerity.  His greatest joy was to see a believer receive the Holy Ghost as the inside teacher and guide. He took special interest in the youth whom he painfully desires to have a burning bush experience of the Holy Ghost at a personal level. He is survived by his wife sister Chipo, eight children (seven girls and one boy) and several grandchildren.

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