Funeral: Pastor George Martin

We have received sad news of the going on to be with the Lord of our dear brother George Martin. May we remember in prayer sister Martin, the family and the church in Pretoria.

Pastor Martin was such a great friend of the Eastlea Tabernacle, he ordained into the ministry both the late Pastor HB Chesa and Pastor B Manyeche.

Pr HB Chesa’s Ordination (7 May 1996)
Pr B Manyeche’s Ordination (30 June 2019)

He was a noted Tour Guide of the land of Israel (officially recognised so by the Israeli government). He helped discover several ancient historical sites in Israel including Quser Al-Yahud (the Baptismal site of Jesus by John the Baptist which is also the site where the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River after wandering in the desert). Recounting the discoveries he mentioned that he used Brother Branham’s descriptions of the places to identify them.

Pr G Martin re-baptising Pr B Manyeche in the Jordan river at the same place Jesus was Baptised (2022)

Brother Martin, besides being a preacher, he was also a song writer and singer. He composed some of the most beautiful hymns including “More and More Like Jesus”, “His Word is Seed” and The Prodigal Son”.

He will be greatly missed!

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