Services Resumes!

In March the Government of Zimbabwe banned church gatherings as a measure to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, we have noted that  ban has partially been lifted allowing a gathering of not more than 50 people. We therefore will resume services starting on Sunday the 14th.

It’s a moment we all have been praying for. We appreciate the fact that we are well over 50 congregants and so we will have to take turns to attend services. We believe saints will prefer each other so that we do not fall foul of the Government regulations. Saints are encouraged to send a message to 0772363816 to reserve a pew with details on which date they wish to attend service.  Confirmation of the reservation will be sent to them by the Deacons. 

On days one is not coming to the Tabernacle, they can listen to a selected tape or Livestream the Tabernacle service, whichever they feel led.

For more details on this announcement fill-in the feedback form on this site or contact the Deacons

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