The Angel of the Lord in the Neighbourhood for a Little Girl

The Lord still cares for our little ones. The following testimony narrated by brother Simon Makaya shows just that!

For two weeks our girl Meda was ailing from what was initially suspected to be a boil behind her right ear. She was prescribed on antibiotic and (Glycerin and Ichthamol) Commonly known as G&I, to help pull the pass for healing. We bought the prescription and took her to the hospital on Monday the 15th of July 2019 for dressing. But before the nurses dressed her, they examined the thing again and this time were convinced it wasn’t a boil as they had suspected but something else which needed the doctor’s attention as soon as possible. It was growing harder and G&I would not work, it was possibly a swollen nerve or a tumor growing. They booked her to see the Doctor on Thursday the 18th. Tuesday the 16th, I had a conversation on whatsaap with a minister friend, we had a general talk in which he asked about the welfare of my kids. I dropped in my case and sent him the photo. He only said The Devil is a liar, WE will *PRAY*. And knowing he was with Brother Billy Paul then, somehow that uplifted my Faith. The following morning, my minister friend texted and said “Shalom sir , How is the baby today”. Before I even replied I said to myself “let me confirm with my wife first before I reply”. She is home with the kids and am away with work. So I called and said “Honey how is Meda today?”. She was so ecstatic on the phone and exclaimed _”Ndirikutoshamisika handizive zvaitika, chamuka chisipo”_ (That is to say “I am surprised by what has happened, I just woke up and the thing has just disappeared”). I said please take another photo and send me. I forwarded to my minister friend. That was my response. The Angel had visited the neighbourhood and passed by our home. God bless you and I pray the testimony will uplift your faith too in whatever circumstance you’re in.

What happened? The Angel of the Lord was passing through that neighborhood, confirming the Word Of God. That’s exactly what taken place. 54-0813 Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today And Forever. Rev William Marrion Branham

Tuesday 16 July – Before Prayer
Wednesday 17 July – After Prayer
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