Check My Step!

Sister Caren had a kidney infection that caused swelling and pain on her side three weeks before camp. The situation persisted right into camp. She had stopped coming to church because she hardly could sit for long periods. However she was determined to attend the camp, so she did. During camp she struggled to participate in camp activities. Sometimes she had to defer and go rest in the hostels. However on the last day she attended the tape service in the morning. The campers were listening to the 1964 Token message. Towards the end brother Branham was praying for a lady with a back ache. Str Caren took this to be her opportunity. She believed. After tape she continued holding on to her faith. That evening there was another activity. Towards the end of the evening a song was sung “Victory is mine”. The sister joined in singing. The Eagles started dancing and going round and round the chapel. She joined in the dance and realized all the pain was gone! The other sisters noticed what had happened and this started a praise and worship revival in the girls’ hostel that went on until 3am! In the morning one sister asked how she was feeling, she simply responded “Watch my step”

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