An Eaglet Finds Mama!

A story is told of a farmer who stumbled on an eagle’s nest and he took an egg from it. He incubated it under one of his hens. One day it hatched together with the hen’s chicks. The little eaglet was so odd looking, it wondered why. One day it heard a peculiar cry coming from the skies. All the other chicks and hens ran for cover but something in the eaglet’s heart told it that this is it! The cry came again, it sounded like “my child come home”. It found power to flip its wings and off to the skies it went.

Mr Francis was training to be a Catholic priest. He was assigned pastoral work in Headlands. While there he was casting demons out. The church was not pleased so he was suspended while investigations were being conducted. He went back to his rural home in Murewa. He then met brother Mudyirwa who started testifying to him and invited him to a mid-week service. He enjoyed the service and going home he prayed: “Lord show me if this is the true church I have to go to”. The following Saturday he had a dream in which he was in church and there was a courtship announcement, an engagement and preaching. When he came for service on Sunday, everything he had dreamt came to pass. That touched him that after service he asked to testify. He gave his life to the Lord Sunday 23 April 2017. An eagle had come home!

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