Believest Thou This?

A few weeks back, I started having some pain on my left side. The pain would just be unbearable that a few times we contemplated visiting the hospital during the night (as this would normally happen during the night). On several occasions, my wife asked me to call our doctor and explain to him what I was going through but I kept postponing it.

On Friday, the 17th of February 2017, when we were listening to a tape in church (60-0402 – BELIEVEST THOU THIS), I was actually feeling the pain. The prophet asked those who were sick to lift up their hands and I did. I was under great expectation for the Lord to minister to me. What the prophet said next took me by surprise and I instantly received my healing:



E-54  Now, the Presence of the Lord is here to heal the sick, make the people well. Just believe Him. Do you believe Him? If we can believe Him, all things are possible. You believe that? Do you believe that that’s the Presence of the Lord?

Now, while you… Give me just a moment, just a moment now, and listen just for a moment. Let me prove to you it’s the Holy Spirit here. Let me show you that the Holy Spirit, the very One that does the talking, the One that does the thing, knows that. How many’s here now, that come in here sick. Let’s see your hands. The ones that had a sickness… There’s people…

There’s a man standing there. Do you believe, mister? There’s no prayer cards out, but do you believe that God can heal you? Do you believe he can tell me your trouble? It’s in your side. You’re up for an operation. That’s right. Your name is Mr. Cartwright. That’s right. Is that right? Wave your hand. All right. Go home and be well, you won’t need it. You believe it?


I have not had the pain ever since.


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