An Elderly Woman and Her Son Healed

In mid-2013 while Br Dzawo was ministering in Dande, an elderly woman was brought before him walking with the aid of a walking stick. The minister asked the cause of the problem and the woman revealed to him that she had a lump on her hip which made it difficult for her to walk normally. After talking to the woman, prayer was offered and the brother then asked her to feel spot where the lump was. She was shocked to find that it was no longer there. As she was leaving she turned back and started crying. The brother asked her what the problem was. She said she had a son by the name of Siridzai who was born lame (could not walk & he stummered) and was now aged 40 in that condition. Prayer was offered again. When the lady got home, she was surprised to see her son kneeling against the wall. She called his name and he responded. Prior to this, he used to stammer but now he spoke clearly. He rose up and that is when she realized that he had been healed. Today both mother and son are believers. (Siridzai Paruware in photo)

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