A Dis-jointed Hip and Spine Rejoined

Bro Dzawo’s nephew had a young child, Kudakwashe, who had a rare condition. The spine and the hip were not joined. So the child could not turn on her bed and when holding the baby they would hold both the upper and lower bodies. So one day there was a funeral in the family and the baby and its mother came. The mother brought the child to brother Dzawo. He started to testify to her. She believed and bro Dzawo asked her to make her life right. Afterwards they prayed for the child. While he was holding the child he felt him jacking. He gave the boy back to the mother. The mother took the boy and started to walk away. But as she did she felt the child turn and that shocked her she almost dropped the child. Within minutes the child could sit and walk on his own.

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