Eastlea Tabernacle Business Chapter

The Eastlea Tabernacle Business Chapter is organizing a business symposium for Saturday 20 May 2017.

Venue: Pettigrew Garden Hall at the Show Grounds

THEME: Starting a Business and Startups Oiling

It is noted that under the difficult circumstances around us, jobs are scarce and people are doing various things to survive. In the history of business, the big companies of today started as small companies of their day. That idea that one is pursuing for survival is the startup idea which can be oiled to grow into the future companies of tomorrow. Information sharing and encouragement maybe all that is needed.

What is on your hands?  Who hath despised the days of small beginning?

The attendance is by registration. Any believer who wishes to come is welcome. There is no financial obligations required; although free will payments towards meeting the event costs are welcome.

To Register: Call/SMS/WhatsApp +263772283586

Email: feedback@eastleatabernacle.org

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