Wednesday 30 July 2014
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If I went to your table and set down there, you said, "Preacher, come eat with me," I believe you love me. And you had beans and potatoes and carrots and fried chicken and pumpkin pie and ice cream, everything setting there, why, I believe I'd be just as welcome to the potatoes as I was to the beans. The only thing, I believe I'd be just as welcome to the chicken as I was to the pie. It's all on the table. And the only thing I have to do is say, "Would you please pass me some pie?" I believe with a good free heart, your love to me, you'd say, "Certainly, my brother, have a nice big piece of it." Is that right? If I'd say, "Would you pass me potatoes?" "Why, certainly, my brother, here it is." And every redemptive blessing that Jesus Christ died for and purchased in His atonement at Calvary, it's setting on the table and every believer's setting before it. Hallelujah. If I need healing, I say, "Father, pass me some healing," and I pour it out on my plate and eat a big... Now, if you want to starve to death, go ahead.

QA ON GENESIS ( 53-0729 )

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  :: The End Time Message Ministry ::  
. We are a non-denominational Christian fellowship that believes in the Message of the Hour brought by the twentieth century prophet, Brother William Marrion Branham.

Based in Eastlea area of Harare, Zimbabwes capital city our ministry reaches out with outreach centres in other parts of the country. We have a lively congregation of more than 1500 believers which is increasing by God's grace. The shepherd of the flock is Pastor H B Chesa.

  :: Brief History of Eastlea Tabernacle ::  
. Eastlea Church has grown from humble beginnings in the early 80's. This ministry has been on the missionary fields and setting ablaze other areas in Zimbabwe. In the rural areas ministries have sprung up because of this initiative. The years have seen us move from place to place in search of a better place of worship while we were growing in grace through different experiences.
  • Chitsere school in the early 80's
  • Arcadia hall mid to late 80's
  • Arcadia Church of Christ mid to late 80's
  • Eastlea Dutch church 90's
  • Old Railton Club mid 90's
  • New Raylton Club late 90's to mid 2008
  • Eastlea Tabernacle
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